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When Art Meets Functionality

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Around the office, a collection of unique sculptures claim their rightful place on tables, shelves, and even as wall-mounted decor. But what are they?

The custom-built figures date back to 2006 with Amit Apel and his team through ApelDesignWorks with the purpose of creating functional art that delights and adds a sense of excitement to any space. With over 30 DumDums and sculptures to serve multiple roles and uses, these accent pieces add warmth and character to a home and office.


DumDum Server:

A first in the DumDum series, the DumDum Server™ is beautifully crafted from fine metal properties and includes conical glassware to bring a nuanced approach to the dining experience. It's the perfect "dinner guest" to serve appetizers and desserts, or even a chilled drink. As a decorative accessory, the DumDum Server™ comes in a variety of colors and sizes for an added layer of flair and sophistication.

DumDum Server™ is your next dinner guest!



Looking to add a touch of romance to an intimate dinner setting with your significant other? The Loretta™ exudes warmth and love to any surrounding environment. Inspired by Amit's love for his wife, the oil candle sphere resting atop the ringed frame will light up for hours. It's a breathtaking piece that unequivocally captures everlasting devotion between lovers.

Loretta™ ignites a spark of romance!



What's more refreshing than a literal drink on the rocks? Nothing! Inspired by the natural insulation properties of river rocks, the Marley™ is an innovate piece of drinkware. Just refrigerate the stone base for thirty minutes, so it and the glass stirrer will keep beverages chilled for approximately an hour without the need for ice. The Marley™ can solve all your drinking problems without ice diluting your favorite drink.

Marley™, drinks on the rocks!


The collection offers tremendous appeal that draws the eye in and creates excitement and drama. With a practical design that goes beyond just a mere accent piece, they are a great way to showcase a simple yet stunning display to any room or setting.

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