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The Barrel Chair: The Untold Story

A poetic interpretation of the barrel's "life" from its time fermenting wine to how it "lives" now as it's been recontextualized as a beautiful chair.

In the darkness I guarded my wine from the unknown, allowing it to mature in safety to its full potential. I molded it day by day to give it the right amount of oxygen so it develops its rich sweetness properly. After a great time spent with these batches of wine, buffing their treasures and trusting them with the world, it was time for me to say goodbye knowing I’ve done my part.

I was thrown into storage for rest, but little did I know that my job still wasn’t done.

I have done well with my task, but this is not the end, as I taught wine to serve its richness I’m asked to do the same. I’m now left in the houses of people where I’ll brighten their faces with my rustic comfort. I’ll be there when they’ve had a tiring day; I’ll have a space well prepared so they can incline a bit and enjoy the adventures of a book or sit up and have an intriguing conversation amongst friends. I’ll be the chair that catches someone right before being told life-changing news. I’ll be the anchor of these moments and so they can carry them for the rest of their lives.

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