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The New Year Countdown With Me

Yes, we went through this year, quarantined and what is our reward?... social awkwardness? … I think the biggest achievement this year was actually getting a hold of someone from the unemployment department, while the world is rioting right outside my window. I liked things back earlier in the year when we were all trying to bake bread! I don’t know what I was thinking, I can’t bake bread, I can’t even try the simples Tiktok dances that show up on my 3x5 inch screen. The phone was the only window I would let myself look out of at times. Getting lost in the site of others recording their weirdness surprisingly made me smile. However, there was only so far, I can scroll till I saw some video of a customer demanding to speak to “the manager” because we are slightly imprisoned by a piece of cloth over our faces. I’m not sure but I think I like the idea that I was able to save lives with this piece of cloth while it hid all my judgmental comments to society. Thank God we were quarantined. With everything going on from the protesting to the election I fear I would have lost more friends if I was face to face with someone rather than safely hiding behind the national-stay-at-home order. But no, all of this pent-up energy isn’t from staying at home; that’s the easy part. It’s staying here while my best friend is in the front lines at the hospital doing his best to keep things moving forward. It’s seeing my children adjusting a strict schedule with the computer when only moments ago this same device was used to get away from responsibilities and enjoy connecting with random players who just so happened to choose to play that same game at that same time. And worst of all it’s actually losing someone that had so much life to them and not being by their side in their final moments. It’s difficult to comprehend how something so small can dictate so much and initiate so much destruction. And no matter the fight this seemingly invisible thing just will not disappear! This year has been like running through loose sand; a waste of energy. I give this one to the introverts. You win this year! 😊

I don’t want to give them the whole year though, I did want to give credit to my team. These unexpected circumstances really allowed them to flourish in their creativity. I’m blessed to have such amazing talent right next to me all the time, and I can’t wait to bring you along for the ride!

My Team:

My advice: don’t sleep through this countdown, we have to make sure this year truly ends. Let’s shut this chapter already! I believe there is a new beauty coming up on the horizon.

Be safe out there and love the person that had to deal with your nonsense. If you are anything like me, give them double the love. They deserve it.

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

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