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Celebrate the Good Times

Let's rejoice!

Friday is finally here, meaning the weekend is upon us. But that's not why we're in a happy mood. No, no, no. Today marks a special day at Apel Design, Inc. - the birthday of a dear employee: Carla!

It's not often we have sweets grace our fine office. But, our office assistant and operating manager delighted everyone with delicious pastries from Pascal Patisserie & Cafe in Woodland Hills. Yum!

How can you resist these Bureka's

While the pastries were only a facade of what's to come, the crème de la crème came in the form of chocolate-y and nutty cake, the Hazelnut Chocolate Cake. This cake definitely embodies Carla to the T. She enjoys chocolate - dark chocolate to be exact - and healthy snack alternatives like peanuts. We have a feeling she'll enjoy her cake. After all, one gotta sit back and enjoy what's in front of you.

Happy Birthday, Carla!

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