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A Return to Form

Welcome to the newly reinstated Apel Design blog thread. Yes, you heard that right! Reinstated.

The written language is a powerful tool for communication. In this digital age, we are able to connect to a wider audience from around the globe. From experienced entrepreneurs to young curious minds and everything in between, we want to offer you an exclusive look at the comings and goings in the office.


By opening this new section of our website, it shows Apel Design Inc. as more than just an architectural firm. We are a team of diverse and talented individuals ready to unleash our creative potential. Creativity runs deep in the office. These blogs will focus on a wide array of topics. Whether an in-depth look at finished projects or topics relating to architecture, art, videography, photography, life and tips 'n tricks, the blog serves as an open forum to openly express our thoughts and feelings with you.

Join us on this journey of Connecting People to the Art of Living - an opportunity to be creative and a place to reflect.

Be on the lookout for new blog entries coming soon...

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